Nira Cedres has published an article on subjective memory complaints!

Our postDoc Nira Cedres has published an article on subjective memory complaints in Aging – Congratulations!

The article and abstract can be found here:

Report from ECRO 2021

The SCI-lab attended the European Chemoreception Research Organization 2021 meeting in Cascais, Portugal. The scientific content included several high-quality symposia, as well as a keynote lecture by Nobel prize laureate Linda Buck. Our team included 12 members, and we presented ongoing work in 9 posters and one oral presentation. Before the ECRO meeting started, we carried out our annual team workshop. This workshop was organized by members of the team and included a variety of professional development activities and a revision of our strategy document. As the pandemic has affected our research in the last two years, the ECRO 2021 signifies to us a gradual return to normal. Back in Stockholm, our efforts are focused on transferring the positive energy from our ECRO 2021 experience into finalizing our work that was presented there. We appreciate the work of the organizers of ECRO 2021, the SCI-lab team members who organized the workshop, and the generous funding from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation which made our trip possible!

Jonas Olofsson presents at ECRO 2021


SCI-LAB workshop 2021

Lab presence at ECRO 2021

Jonas Olofsson gästar Nobel Prize Museums podcast (Swedish)

Jonas Olofsson visits episode 19 of the Nobel Prize Museums podcast to discuss how the sense of smell works. And why some infectious disease (such as COVID-19) can impact the olfactory system and how smell loss may affect us.

Lyssna här (Swedish).

New Lab-member! Welcome Nira!

We welcome Nira Cedres to the lab as a postDoc!

Nira is a researcher at Stockholm University Department of Psychology and she is affiliated at Karolinska Institute Division of Clinical Geriatrics. She has a PhD in psychology and the main focus of her research has long been on cognition and MRI neuroimaging.

[Found] Computational neuroscientist wanted!

We are looking for a Research Assistant to work on the computational aspects of memory and olfaction.

You will build computational network models of the observed olfactory perceptual as well as memory phenomena.

More information about the position and how to apply can be found here!

Jonas Olofsson has been awarded a Consolidator Grant from the Swedish Research Council!

The grant will fund the SCI-LAB for the coming 6 years. The research project is called ”What can the sense of smell teach us about higher brain functions?” and involves cognitive training with smells and other sensory materials, as well as brain imaging measurements. The research will have a focus on aging.  More information is available on the Stockholm University website (in Swedish) here:


Jonas Olofsson elected member of the Swedish National Committee for Psychological Sciences

Jonas Olofsson, Principal Investigator of SCI-lab, was recently elected member The Swedish National Committee for Psychological Sciences, one of the scientific committees appointed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and associated with the International Council for Science.
The aim of the Swedish National Committee for Psychological Sciences is to promote research, training, and development within psychology, and to represent Sweden in the International Union for Psychological Science (IUPsyS), an international association for the science of psychology. The Committee acts to promote cooperation with related fields of science. It offers consultative services for universities and other institutions for research and professional training. It also acts as an advisory body of experts to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Every year, the committee presents an award to an outstanding young researcher in psychology.

Update from SCI-LAB regarding COVID-19

We take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and we have changed our procedures and our operation to secure both our and our guest’s safety. A statement can be found here.

We have joined a global consortium of investigators (GCCR) to study COVID-19’s (and other respiratory illnesses) effect on the senses of smell and taste. You can find more information and if you wish, you can also participate in the research at

We are also involved in a new odor training site for people who have lost their sense of smell due to COVID-19. You can find information on smell-loss and on how training can help to recover it at (in Swedish).

New preprint! Odor effects on face perception

In a new review, Elmeri Syrjänen and colleagues have summarized and integrated 25 years of research on how valenced odors affect perception of faces. The preprint can be accessed here:

New preprint! Olfaction and aging review

Jonas Olofsson and colleagues have written a synthesis of how aging affects olfactory abilities. The preprint provides a state of the art review of current research and future directions, and can be accessed here: