Media interest for our VR compatible olfactometer!

Our recently published paper on our inhouse developed handheld olfactometer for use with VR has gained interest from several Swedish media sources.

We have been featured on Swedish TV, newspaper and Radio. Below you can find links to our appearances (Swedish):

SVT, Swedish public television: and

TV4 news:

P3 spel, Swedish public Radio:

Dagens nyheter, newspaper:


Here you can find our article in International Journal of Human-Computer Studies for more information: A graspable olfactory display for virtual reality

New publication! We have published our handheld olfactometer for use in VR.

We have an article out in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies on our inhouse developed VR-compatible olfactometer (smell presenter).

This device allows for easier and robust odor presentation in VR-based environments. It can be used for research, smell training, wine tasting and gaming, as it allows intractions with odor-objects ingame.

Link to the article: A graspable olfactory display for virtual reality

Demonstration of our Smell training game at the Museum of Technology in Stockholm

This year’s autumn-break from school was designated ”research break” and the Museum of Technology invited researchers from different fields to present and demonstrate their research.

We attended and demonstrated our Smell training game called Exerscent. The kids, adults and staff took to Exerscent excitedly!

New website on Smell Training and loss of smell due to COVID-19!

We have in collaboration with our friends and colleagues at the Perceptual Neuroscience Lab (Karolinska Institutet) developed a new website with information about smell-loss associated with COVID-19 and with smell training to relieve smell loss.


Here, you can find the current understanding of how the coronavirus affect the sense and perception of smells. You can also find information on how you can train your sense of smell to hopefully recover or maintain your olfactory perception.


The site is in Swedish and can be found here: