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Media interest for our VR compatible olfactometer!

Our recently published paper on our inhouse developed handheld olfactometer for use with VR has gained interest from several Swedish media sources. We have been featured on Swedish TV, newspaper and Radio. Below you can find links to our appearances (Swedish): SVT, Swedish public television: and TV4 news: P3 spel, Swedish public […]

New publication! We have published our handheld olfactometer for use in VR.

We have an article out in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies on our inhouse developed VR-compatible olfactometer (smell presenter). This device allows for easier and robust odor presentation in VR-based environments. It can be used for research, smell training, wine tasting and gaming, as it allows intractions with odor-objects ingame. Link to the article: […]

Marta successfully defends her PhD thesis

Marta Zakrzewska defended har PhD thesis Olfaction and Prejudice: The role of body odor disgust sensitivity and disease avoidance in understanding social attitudes today with flying colors! Her aim was to investigate the connection between olfaction, odor disgust, and social attitudes from the perspective of disease avoidance. You can find the thesis here.

Marta Zakrzewska nailed her PhD thesis to the wall of the Psychology department!

On Thursday, June 2, Marta Zakrzewska nailed her PhD thesis to the wall of the Psychology department; a long-standing tradition that symbolizes that the thesis is finalized and publicly available. Martas public defense is planned for August 25 at Stockholm University. Information about the defense seminar, and the thesis, can be found here:

New COVID paper in PNAS

During the pandemic, Jonas and Teodor participated in a large-scale collaboration to study how to communicate effectively about ”social distancing”. This paper, which includes data from 89 countries and over 25k participants, is now published in PNAS:

Arrivederci to our Erasmus students!

This spring, we had the pleasure of hosting Maria Laura Gidari and Sharon Cannataro, students at the University of Catanzaro in Italy, who visited us via the Erasmus program. Maria Laura and Sharon learned about and participated in smell testing in the SCI-Lab. Good luck with your future studies and arrivederci!