Inlägg av SCI-lab-admin

Murathan’s presents at ECRO symposium

Murathan Kurfali held a presentation titled Investigating the relation between Semantic Space and Olfactory Perceptions using Language Models. He was choosen to be part of the Young Investigators symposium. ”In this presentation, Murathan explored how various language models, including ChatGPT, capture olfactory-semantic relationships. Findings reveal that large language models like ChatGPT tend to resemble human […]

SCI-LAB had its annual Retreat and Lab workshop

Every year SCI-LAB take a retreat to plan and workshop the Lab’s progress. Previous retreats have focused on developing different skills and the Lab’s progress towards its targeets. This year marked five years since the SCI-LAB was formed, and we focused on evaluating the Lab’s achievements during this time and to formulate new targets for […]

Jonas Olofsson awarded AChemS Young Investigator Award!

The PI of the SCI-lab, Jonas Olofsson was awarded the AChemS Young Investigator Award for Research in Olfaction or Nasal Chemoreception by the Association for Chemoreception Sciences! The award is given to “an outstanding junior scientist whose research record should provide evidence of excellence and contributions that have had or are likely to have a major […]