Marta Zakrzewska nailed her PhD thesis to the wall of the Psychology department!

On Thursday, June 2, Marta Zakrzewska nailed her PhD thesis to the wall of the Psychology department; a long-standing tradition that symbolizes that the thesis is finalized and publicly available. Martas public defense is planned for August 25 at Stockholm University. Information about the defense seminar, and the thesis, can be found here:

New COVID paper in PNAS

During the pandemic, Jonas and Teodor participated in a large-scale collaboration to study how to communicate effectively about ”social distancing”. This paper, which includes data from 89 countries and over 25k participants, is now published in PNAS:

Arrivederci to our Erasmus students!

This spring, we had the pleasure of hosting Maria Laura Gidari and Sharon Cannataro, students at the University of Catanzaro in Italy, who visited us via the Erasmus program. Maria Laura and Sharon learned about and participated in smell testing in the SCI-Lab. Good luck with your future studies and arrivederci!

Lab visit from the Ambassador for Japan!

The Ambassador for Japan in Sweden, Noke Masaki, visited Stockholm University, and was given a tour of the olfactory laboratory and the other sensory laboratories at the Psychology Department. 

Welcome new lab members!

We welcome our new lab members, Malina Szychowska (postdoc), Mikaela Pal and Martin Sundgren (research assistants). More information about our new members can be found on the ”People” page.

Thank you Sandra and Georgios!

Two of our talented research assistants, Sandra Challma and Georgios Menelaou, is moving on to new research jobs after spending the last two years in the SCI-lab. Thank you for your contributions to the team!

Highlighted research from Lab member Nira

The work on the Interplay between gray and white matter neurodegeneration in Subjetive cognitive decline, published by our Postdoc Nira Cedres last year, has been highlighted during the Subjective Cognitive Decline Professional Interest Area (PIA) Year in Review 2021 seminar from the Alzheimer’s Association International Society to Advance Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment (ISTAART). Follow the link below to view the seminar:

Qian Janice Wang visited the Lab and presented her projects!

This week we had a visit from Dr Qian Janice Wang!

We got to show her the interactive projects we are working on and she demonstrated some of hers. Turns out we are working on some very similar things!

She also presented her work on multisensory perception, with interesting parallels with her expertise in wine tasting.

Demonstration of our Smell training game at the Museum of Technology in Stockholm

This year’s autumn-break from school was designated ”research break” and the Museum of Technology invited researchers from different fields to present and demonstrate their research.

We attended and demonstrated our Smell training game called Exerscent. The kids, adults and staff took to Exerscent excitedly!

Jonas Olofsson elected member of the Academia Europaea

Jonas Olofsson has been elected to the Academia Europaea, an academy with the purpose of forwarding excellence in research and education in Europe. Jonas will join the class ”The Human Mind and its Complexity”.

Jonas Olofsson invald i academia europaea (Swedish)