Update from the SCI-LAB regarding the COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic has impacted our work and our lives in general. Since March 12, when the severe effects of COVID-19 became clear, we have been working remotely. While the situation is still unfolding in Sweden, daily life is already transformed for a majority of its inhabitants.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and current recommendations to mitigate it, we have shifted our research focus, prioritizing projects that can be completed remotely. Two ambitious experiments that were planned for the spring of 2020 have been postponed. We are conducting online surveys, some of which seek to understand the psychological impact of the COVID-19 and effective communication to promote public health. We are analyzing neuroimaging datasets to understand how the sense of smell interacts with central brain networks. We are finalizing dissertations, manuscripts, revisions, course papers and review assignments. We are introducing new ways to stay in touch and retain our productivity. On March 23, we had our first completely online lab meeting.


The SCI-LAB is a heterogeneous group, with diverse research interests and roles. In times like these, it is clear that our diversity is a strength. We are transitioning rather smoothly to research approaches that can be conducted remotely, such as online surveys, since they are already part of our research methodology. Since some of our lab members are located in Malmö, we are experienced in using conference calls for our lab meetings. Most importantly, we support and help each other to adapt to this new situation by sharing our knowledge. Thus, while the pandemic has changed how we conduct our work, it nevertheless continues uninterrupted. We send our best wishes to our colleagues, friends and those who take part in our research activities, and we are looking forward to continuing to share our research updates with you in the coming months.


On behalf of the SCI-LAB,

Jonas Olofsson

Predictive Coding Talk

Our lab hosts biweekly talks where our members share data and discuss topics and papers relevant to their work. This week Georgios gave a talk related to visual predictive coding.

Forthcoming Publications!

Both Marta and Thomas have had their latest papers accepted for publication!
Marta will be publishing a study titled “An overprotective nose? Implicit bias is positively related to individual differences in body odor disgust sensitivity” in Frontiers In Psychology.
Thomas’ paper is titled “Olfactory influences on visual categorization: Behavioral and ERP evidence” and will appear in Cerebral Cortex.

New Research Assistants

We are happy to announce we have recruited 4 new members to the team: Teodor Jernsäther-Ohlsson, Sandra Challma, Georgios Menelaou , and William Fredborg.

Research assistants wanted!

We are looking for three research assistants to help us figure out how the sense of smell interacts with memory, language and emotion. We are seeking dedicated candidates with a strong interest in psychology and neuroscience and who are excited to be part of our research team. More information about the positions and the application process can be found at the Stockholm University jobs website. We are looking forward to your application! https://www.su.se/english/about/working-at-su/jobs