Research Assistants

We are looking for three research assistants to help us figure out how the sense of smell interacts with memory, language and emotion. We are seeking dedicated candidates with a strong interest in psychology and neuroscience and who are excited to be part of our research team. More information about the positions and the application process can be found at the Stockholm University jobs website. We are looking forward to your application! https://www.su.se/english/about/working-at-su/jobs

Postdoctoral researcher

The SCI lab is looking to hire a postdoc with expertise in fMRI methods, including experimental designs, network analysis, and/or multivariate pattern analysis techniques to investigate how olfactory perception and cognition is enabled by cortical representations and networks. Experiences in cognitive experiments, olfaction or aging and dementia research constitute further merits. We will fill this position when we find a suitable candidate.

Please contact Jonas Olofsson for details.

Our research is generously funded by: