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Jonas Olofsson awarded AChemS Young Investigator Award!

The PI of the SCI-lab, Jonas Olofsson was awarded the AChemS Young Investigator Award for Research in Olfaction or Nasal Chemoreception by the Association for Chemoreception Sciences! The award is given to “an outstanding junior scientist whose research record should provide evidence of excellence and contributions that have had or are likely to have a major […]

New article: Odor identification errors reveal cognitive aspects of age-associated smell loss

New SCI-Lab paper! Rohan Rajs work explains odor identification results with help from language models and human estimations. This work, which was recently published in Cognition, might help developing better odor assessments to detect early stage dementia. Find ”Odor identification errors reveal cognitive aspects of age-associated smell loss” here.

New article: Body odour disgust sensitivity is associated with xenophobia: evidence from nine countries across five continents

Marta Zakrzewska, who recently graduated as a PhD from the lab and is now a postdoc at Karolinska Institute, found that body odor disgust sensitivity is associated with xenophobia across the world. This pre-registered research was recently published in Royal Society Open Science. Find ”Body odour disgust sensitivity is associated with xenophobia: evidence from nine […]

Nira Cedres, from our Lab, had her paper highlighted as ”editor´s choice” in the Journals of Gerontology!

”Nira Cedres’ paper; Subjective Impairments in Olfaction and Cognition Predict Dissociated Behavioral Outcomes, was highlighted as editor’s choice in the Journals of Gerontology” (link to paper)! The study aimed to investigate the relationship and co-occurrence of self-rated subjective cognitive decline (SCD) and subjective olfactory impairment (SOI) and the results suggest that SOI and SCD occur […]

Documentary on Smell and biographical memory

We were visited by documentary filmmaker Cosima Dannoritzer, as part of the production of her new project involving smell and memory. Maria Larsson, head of Perception and Psychophysics, were interviewed for the documentary and SCI-LAB made its contribution to the segment. We hope you willl enjoy the documentary when it is released some time this […]

Media interest for our VR compatible olfactometer!

Our recently published paper on our inhouse developed handheld olfactometer for use with VR has gained interest from several Swedish media sources. We have been featured on Swedish TV, newspaper and Radio. Below you can find links to our appearances (Swedish): SVT, Swedish public television: and TV4 news: P3 spel, Swedish public […]

New publication! We have published our handheld olfactometer for use in VR.

We have an article out in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies on our inhouse developed VR-compatible olfactometer (smell presenter). This device allows for easier and robust odor presentation in VR-based environments. It can be used for research, smell training, wine tasting and gaming, as it allows intractions with odor-objects ingame. Link to the article: […]