Sensory Cognitive Interaction Laboratory

Update from SCI-LAB regarding COVID-19

We take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and we have changed our procedures and our operation to secure both our and our guest’s safety. A statement can be found here.

We have joined a global consortium of investigators (GCCR) to study COVID-19’s (and other respiratory illnesses) effect on the senses of smell and taste. You can find more information and if you wish, you can also participate in the research at

We are also involved in a new odor training site for people who have lost their sense of smell due to COVID-19. You can find information on smell-loss and on how training can help to recover it at (in Swedish).

The six minute film: Memories of smells may result in new methods for early detection of dementia.

Our mission is
to understand the building blocks
of human experience.

Research on the human mind and brain depends mostly on the “higher” senses. However, each sense has a different way of thinking and feeling. Specializing on the sense of smell, an ancient sense with unique cognitive-emotional interactions, we compare the unique and shared features of the senses as a way of understanding human psychology.

We ask research questions
that have rarely been asked before:

  • How do people use their cognitive abilities in their perception of smells?
  • Can olfaction be used to access neglected/implicit psychological traits?
  • What can the different senses teach us about the aging brain?
  • Do humans perceive the environment in a similar way to other mammals?

Our research creates value in society:

  • Predicting the onset of memory loss and dementia
  • Increasing well-being and nutrition
  • Translating research findings across species
  • Understanding the roots of social biases

Our research is generously funded by: