Nira Cedres, from our Lab, had her paper highlighted as ”editor´s choice” in the Journals of Gerontology!

”Nira Cedres’ paper; Subjective Impairments in Olfaction and Cognition Predict Dissociated Behavioral Outcomes, was highlighted as editor’s choice in the Journals of Gerontology” (link to paper)!

The study aimed to investigate the relationship and co-occurrence of self-rated subjective cognitive decline (SCD) and subjective olfactory impairment (SOI) and the results suggest that SOI and SCD occur independently and are associated with different cognitive and olfactory outcomes. The study highlights the need for further investigation into the underlying causes and the risk of future cognitive impairment. With a growing aging population, understanding the relationship between SCD and SOI is crucial for early detection and intervention of cognitive decline and dementia.